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Our certified consultants specialise in specific industry verticals. Chances are we have an expert, with deep experience developing and helping to oversee governance plans appropriate to your industry.

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Here are but some of the sectors we are currently working in:


The solution to help both executive teams & school boards (if the school has one) to oversee the delivery of strategy & management of risk

Governance in schools is NOT just about compliance on 6-7 year cycles (though we are a NESA approved governance training provider in NSW if that's what you are after). Good governance is about ensuring execution of the school’s purpose and oversight of the management of risk.

Designed to manage accountability and monitor execution of policies & projects.

Efficient management of meetings and honing of focus.


Associations and other Member-Based Organisations

The solution to help executives & boards to oversee the delivery of strategy & management of risk.

Governance is often seen as an onerous compliance burden for many member-based organisations, most of which are typified by small executive teams and unique operational challenges.

GovernRight delivers efficient board pack creation, actions arising, minute taking and management/oversight reporting.

Allows time poor directors to clearly (and quickly) see the key governance issues. Provides comfort that today and tomorrow is under control, so the Board/Committee can focus on next month and next year. GovernRight also helps experienced executives with their challenge of inexperienced boards - by helping to focus the discussions where they should, not where they currently do.

GovernRight has been very effective at highlighting risk and risk management for the USU, which was one of our key objectives. It also provides us with a very effective management tool. GovernRight is now an essential part of our corporate governance
— Andrew Woodward, CEO University of Sydney Union


So you raised some money, now you need to run a board meeting, what now?

Did you Google “Board Pack Template”?

Want to make sure your investors are impressed by how professionally you run things?

GovernRight Essentials is an out-of-the-box governance framework and board portal that helps manage an effective board/oversight process and meetings.

Human Services

A number of our certified consultants have deep experience across aged, disability, health and other Human Services sectors.

The key benefit of good governance for Human Services organisations is better outcomes for stakeholders. Helping boards to focus on their key role to oversee Growth, Change & Risk, whilst driving significant efficiency in the governance process.

It’s time saving. It’s so much quicker to put the Board papers together using GovernRight
— Michael Moore CEO Primary Health Network Central & Eastern Sydney


From national bodies, to states and regions, right down to grass-roots clubland

Governance in sport is a growing focus across Australia and the world. The Australian Sports Commission has detailed its objectives to drive effective modern governance across the sports it funds in Australia. The FFA came under fire from FIFA for its governance structures....

We have partnered with the Confederation of Australian Sports (CAS) to help bring good, modern governance to Australia's Nation Sporting Organisations (NSOs).

We also have deeply experienced sports administrators trained on our frameworks and platform delivering efficient and effective governance through state and regional sporting bodies, and down into clubland.

There are already dozens of sporting organisations we've helped over the years and continue to engage with, including:

Sports Shooters.png

NFPs including Controlled Entities, Strata, NGOs & Charities

Cana Communities_340_logo.jpg

Typically defined by minimal executive teams and a need to demonstrate governance to members and funders.

NSW Police Legacy.png

These purpose driven organisations typically struggle with the challenges of modern governance, with time-poor directors often ill-prepared for board meetings that descend into detail driven management meetings.

GovernRight offers The Path to Good Governance™ driving significant efficiency and effectiveness in the governance process. Allowing the right balance in focus on today & last month and importantly next month & next year.

Private Companies

According to the Family Business Association 34% of families in business (equating to around 500,000 private businesses), run some sort of formal board structure. Governance is typically not well understood in this space, often associated with compliance and unnecessary constraints. But the reality is, Good Corporate Governance is proven to drive better companies (this OECD report makes for interesting reading on the link between good corporate governance and performance).

GovernRight helps business owners, their investors and advisors focus on building a culture of accountability and outcomes, rather than activity - essential to driving performance.

GovernRight is perfect for businesses looking at succession, allowing core strategy, risk and potential change elements to be defined - taken out of the "head or gut" of key directors, for others to understand and offer improvements.

GovernRight works for us. It has enabled us to focus on strategy and accountability in a practical way that wasn’t possible before and less tasks are slipping through the cracks. It has also assisted in our success to clearly understand the differing roles of Board & Management
— Mike Davies, CEO Portavin

Professional Service Firms

GovernRight offers advisors the perfect platform for high-quality, embedded advisory services. Many of our partners start "by eating their own dog food" - implementing GovernRight to run a formal board or advisory board structure internally. Key directors often come away so impressed by what the GovernRight platform does for their firm, identifying and implementing the same structures for clients becomes an easy and obvious value-add.

Importantly, governance involves key decision makers (generally the CEO and the board), which provides professional services firms the opportunity to expand their relationship beyond the CFO and finance discussions, and embed themselves as a core service-provider across the business.

Listed Entities

Most of our perceived competitors, simply digitise board papers and offer access to these via a browser or tablet device. GovernRight is different, because we are first and foremost a Good Governance framework. We don't just digitise the board pack, we provide a platform that helps directors focus on the import elements to oversee: Growth (Strategy), Change and Risk.

GovernRight offers a single system for cascading responsibilities and running Board Sub-Committee meetings as well as management/executive meetings - all aligned to the company's strategic pillars, identified risks and low-probability, high-impact change items. All within a single-source-of-truth, single-data-entry environment, with appropriate items being able to be pushed up to the board, directly from the sub-committee or executive meeting.

Importantly, the system manages Actions Arising, holding people to account for the items assigned to them.