Embedding Good Governance

A digitised governance framework built into a unique cloud-based, oversight platform

GovernRight is a proven Good Governance framework, developed by one of Australia's leading Governance minds, Simon Neaverson FAICD, first and foremost. This deep understanding of modern Governance led to the development of GovernRight Board Platform as a modern, web-based governance technology that focuses the board and executive on their respective roles, efficiently and effectively. Taking governance content out of the pdfs and company websites where they usual live (and die) and embedding Good Governance into the way the organisation operates. Focusing and aligning the organisation at all levels on the key elements of GrowthChange and Risk.

GovernRight Strategy & Risk Software - Make Governance Work™

The GovernRight board software makes Governance work for your organisation.

An easy-to-use, web-based solution, GovernRight embeds good governance by focusing the Board on its key role to oversee:

  • Growth - implementation of strategy;

  • Change - monitoring and management of future major risks; and

  • Risk - identification, mitigation, management and compliance.

  • Resource Deployment – the risk/return ratio.

It assists Boards with effective oversight of resource allocation and use, in order to deliver outcomes aligned with your organisation's strategic intent. Further, GovernRight aims to develop a culture of outcome, not just activity, at all levels of your organisation. GovernRight - Make Governance Work™ …. Find out how

How GovernRight Board Software Works

This brief video provides an overview of the GovernRight Platform solution.

GovernRight includes a Board Reporting Module enabling management to prepare specific reports addressing the agreed Strategic and Risk items.

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GovernRight - Make Governance Work™

GovernRight recently held a training day for a cross-section of sector specialists. Hear what they had to say after the deep-dive into the framework and the technologies.

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Practical Governance Workshops

A key element in improving Governance, is the practical application of theory into practice. Governance Workshops that help take the theory of Good Governance, into practice. These workshops are exclusively delivered across Australia by accredited GovernRight consultants - Find out more.