Embedding Good Governance

A digitised governance framework built into a unique cloud-based, oversight platform

GovernRight is a proven Good Governance framework, developed by one of Australia's leading Governance minds, Simon Neaverson FAICD, first and foremost. This deep understanding of modern Governance led to the development of GovernRight Board Platform as a modern, web-based governance technology that focuses the board and executive on their respective roles, efficiently and effectively. Taking governance content out of the pdfs and company websites where they usual live (and die) and embedding Good Governance into the way the organisation operates. Focusing and aligning the organisation at all levels on the key elements of GrowthChange and Risk.

GovernRight Strategy & Risk Software - Make Governance Work™

The GovernRight board software makes Governance work for your organisation.

An easy-to-use, web-based solution, GovernRight embeds good governance by focusing the Board on its key role to oversee:

  • Growth - implementation of strategy;

  • Change - monitoring and management of future major risks; and

  • Risk - identification, mitigation, management and compliance.

  • Resource Deployment – the risk/return ratio.

It assists Boards with effective oversight of resource allocation and use, in order to deliver outcomes aligned with your organisation's strategic intent.

With GovernRight, unlike Board portals, information is provided to the Board in a new way - in both form and content - that is designed to support the discharge of the Board's obligations. This re-design and delivery of modern reporting enables the Board to govern against both the calendar and the issue. It also reduces management's time to prepare board papers that identify key governance items and agree on key performance measures. As an enterprise-wide, web-based solution, GovernRight's information is available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Further, GovernRight aims to develop a culture of outcome, not just activity, at all levels of your organisation.


GovernRight - Make Governance Work™

Our people are loving the agenda. Those who have used other agenda software like the speed and simplicity of the GovernRight agenda
— Michael Moore CEO Primary Health Network Central and Eastern Sydney

GovernRight Board Software assists the Board to oversee and supports management to manage

GovernRight enables the Board to ensure that strategic objectives are aligned to and deliver agreed outcomes to meet stakeholder expectations and that identified and future risks are being appropriately dealt with.

Boards can track agreed activities and projects designed to support the strategic intent of the organisation to oversee that they are:

  • on track;

  • on time;

  • on budget; and

  • effective.

With GovernRight, those responsible for oversight can be confident that they are operating within a robust governance framework providing directors with the support they need in complex and challenging regulatory environments. This ensures they not only fulfil their duties but also drive the performance and compliance obligations of the organisation.

Redesigning Board reporting to satisfy modern good governance offers significant benefits:

1.     Outcome Over Activity: GovernRight helps to build a culture of outcome over activity. Progress on key projects is reported in the context of the strategic pillars they aim to further. This encourages the Board to focus on its obligation to allocate resources to deliver the strategic plan.

2.     Positive Assurance: There is growing expectation on Boards to seek positive assurance of adherence to critical policies, from within the business. With GovernRight, Board papers identify key policies against both strategic pillars and governance risks, allowing for management’s assurance of compliance with such policies.

3.     Alignment of Reporting: The cost of reporting can be substantial, especially for large or multi-faceted organisations. Redesigning Board papers with GovernRight aims to result in better alignment from project owners, management, committees and the Board itself, with resultant opportunities for savings.

4.     Support for Oversight Role: GovernRight encourages a forward-looking perspective. Its integrated reporting supports the Board to meets its key role to oversee:

o   Growth – implementation of strategy and performance;

o   Change – monitoring and management of significant changing and emerging risks and opportunities;

o   Risk – identification, mitigation, management and positive assurance of identified risks;

o   Resource Deployment – risk/return ratio.

5. Performance Drivers: GovernRight encourages a system of clear, precise KPIs to demonstrate that today and tomorrow are under control, allowing the Board to focus on next month and next year.  

GovernRight - Make Governance Work™

GovernRight recently held a training day for a cross-section of sector specialists. Hear what they had to say after the deep-dive into the framework and the technologies.