GovernRight Framework

The Practical Implementation of Modern Good Governance

The GovernRight Framework is founded on more than 20 years’ experience working with numerous boards and other governing bodies across a wide range of organisations and industries. The Framework is a practical way to take the theory of governance into Make Governance Work™. Accredited GovernRight consultants work with organisations, supported by the GovernRight Platform, to help them address the seven pillars of good governance:

GR framework image.png

These seven pillars of good governance are  embedded through an online, organisation-wide solution to make governance work. It is designed so that the one source of data can be accessed through the lens of the appropriate governing mindset.

 The Framework helps organisations shift their governance focus from a culture of activity to a culture of outcomes. Through GovernRight™ our clients tell us they experience:

  • The right level of engagement by the board to the delivery of the strategic pillars.

  • Alignment of initiatives to the organisation’s strategic intent to support higher level strategic focus by the board.

  • A framework to oversee the management functions, in context of the risk appetite set by the board.

  • More strategic overlay to the consideration of the management of risk.

  • Positive assurance on adherence to agreed policies and procedures from those in the field.

  • Oversight of change to focus more on emerging governance items with board engagement when an item so requires.

  • Ability to focus the board agenda around the governance data – based on items flagged “orange” and “red”.

  • Promotion of board discussion on areas by exception, with items flagged “green” marked for note.

  • Ability to consider all governance items in one platform which will improve oversight and provide significant saving in management time to prepare board papers by aligning reporting throughout the organisation.

 A significant benefit of GovernRight™ is that it uses the organisation’s actual governance data to drive the board agenda.

 We often observe an activity/initiative-based approach to the governance of strategy, emerging items and management functions. GovernRight™ strives to strike the correct balance in the relationship between the board and management team by:

  • encouraging true oversight by the board - engaging its involvement when an issue requires board discussion on a matter of resource deployment; and, in turn

  • allowing the management team to manage the daily operations of the organisation.

 Our experience is that realigning an organisation’s governance reporting process, to focus the board on its true oversight role, can save between 30% and 50% of the time to prepare reports, once the redesign is properly and continually embedded into the organisation. Further, improving the governance and reporting process encourages greater engagement between board and management, more optimum use of directors’ time and better outcomes for stakeholders.

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