Helping Owners Of Vet Clinics To Oversee Their Investments

GovernRight offers an effective system for efficient oversight of Veterinary Clinic performance. After years of working with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), we've been able to package up two key offerings that help deliver Good Governance in for Vet Clinics.


Helping boards/oversight committees/partner meetings to focus on their key role to oversee Growth, Change & Risk, whilst driving significant efficiency in the governance process.

A number of our certified consultants have deep experience across the vet sector.  

We've broken down the Path to Good Governance into four easy steps:

At GovernRight, we help with the rest of the journey. 

Our GovernRight Build Workshops, help to build an understanding of modern governance whilst developing your board charter, strategy, risk appetite, risk register and key change oversight plan. Our base templates (which provide guidance) have been developed over years of working with vets.

GovernRight Platform & GovernRight Essentials (for smaller organisations), then bring these governance plans to life, providing a framework and technology for efficiently and effectively embedding Good Governance.


Our vet specialist, Certified Consultants are there to guide you on the Path To Good Governance. Helping Build, Embed and Continuously Improve your governance. 


Australian Veterinary Association

AVA use GovernRight to underpin their governance across the organisation.  GovernRight and our Master Licence-Holder partners TPPG have worked collaboratively with the board for many years to Embed Good Governance.