GovernRight Workshops

The Practical Implementation of Modern Good Governance

Bridging the divide between the theory of modern governance and its practical application in the real-world, we have developed 7 governance workshops to help organisations Make Governance Work.

Designed to help organisations implement Governance, our workshops cover the four stages on the Path To Good Governance:

For organisations that would benefit from more hands-on advice

Understand | Build | Embed | Improve - Practical Governance Workshops

Some of Australia's leading minds in Governance have combined to develop 7 workshops that help take the theory of Good Governance, into practice. These workshops are exclusively delivered across Australia by accredited GovernRight consultants - those we've hand-picked as living up to the high standards that we demand.

Our governance workshops can be delivered to individual organisations or in one-to-many events on a calendar throughout the year. The workshops are typically tailored to the audience and their industry, with regular sessions held across various sectors:

  • Not-for-profit boards, with particularly regular sessions for:
    • Associations and other member-based organisations;
    • Sporting bodies, particularly multi-tiered national and state authorities;
    • Register clubs;
    • Aged, Disability and other Human Services organisations;
  • Schools (we are a NESA approved governance training provider):
    • Independent;
    • Catholic; and
    • Public schools (who implement governance at senior exec. team level) 
  • Small-to-medium privately held organisations, such as:
    • veterinarian clinics;
    • professional services firms such as Accountants, Business Advisory and Law firms;
    • start-ups setting up oversight boards;
    • medium-to-large family businesses looking to set the rules of engagement: management | Board | family.
  • Small to medium listed entities;

GovernRight Build Modern Good Governance Workshops


GovernRight Build is an online solution that helps facilitate our "Build Modern Good Governance Workshops".

By bringing this practical cloud technology into our workshop environment, our highly experienced facilitators help organisations develop and/or align the organisations governance content for effective and efficient modern governance.

Outputs from the Build Modern Good Governance Workshops include the following MS Word formatted governance documents:

  • Strategic Plan;
  • Emerging Governance Plan; and
  • Risk Appetite and Risk Management framework

With best practice templates by industry to get you started, the GovernRight Build technology and workshop solution is a fast path to a Good Governance framework for your organisation.

NESA approved provider - governance of non-government schools 

GovernRight is an approved by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to deliver three courses relating to the proper governance on non-government schools. These workshops run between a half and two days (4 - 12 hours). Our certificates of completion (provided to each attendee) are considered evidence of governance training towards your NESA school accreditation.

1. The Challenge of Modern School Governance

Duration: 4 hours

Delivery: Face-to-face workshop

2. Oversight of Management of Identified Risks for Schools

Duration: 4 hours
Delivery: Face-to-face workshop

3. Embedding Modern Good Governance for Schools

Duration:  12 hours
Delivery: Face-to-face workshop

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