Integrated Governance Framework

GovernRight Board Platform and its entry level offering, GovernRight Board Essentials, are unique offerings in the market, providing a comprehensive governance reporting framework for those in the role of oversight such as boards of directors and governance committees.

Yes GovernRight offers a board portal and the ability to build your board pack and take meeting minutes (like so many perceived competitors), but it is so much more than that. GovernRight allows a board to define Strategy (Growth), oversee the management of Risk and prepare for Change, like no other solution available.

Reporting responsibilities on adherence to policies, the progress of projects and performance against KPIs can be cascaded down to sub-committees, branches, key functional executives and so on. Providing a common language, focus and single source of truth across the organisation. 

GovernRight Technology Sweet Spot.PNG
It’s time saving. It’s so much quicker to put the Board papers together using GovernRight
— Michael Moore CEO Primary Health Network Central & Eastern Sydney

This brief video provides an overview of the GovernRight Platform solution.