Understanding the need for a Good Governance Framework

In my previous article I introduced the GovernRight Framework and its 7 Pillars of Good Governance. Over the coming year I plan to take a detailed look at each pillar and The Path To Good Governance™.

My mission and passion is to take the theory of good governance and embed it into organisations. This is why I developed the GovernRight framework. I’ve taken 25 years of experience working with boards and senior execs across the breadth of industries and codified it into a practical means of delivering a good governance outcome.

Before I explore each pillar, let me ask: “Why do we need a governance framework?” Short answer – to take theory into practice. The following illustrates the Path to Good Governance™ :

Australia’s peak educator in governance, the AICD, has had great success in helping directors to understand governance. This is critical, but only the start. Good governance is about building the right content (around risk and strategy), embedding good governance in all levels of the organisation and then, through measurement and assessment, continually improving.

Good governance makes what is otherwise uncertain, certain.

Consider the following:

At its core, the GovernRight framework seeks to break the uncertainty/fear link, by minimising friction in the process of the oversight of Strategy (Growth), governance of Emerging Issues (Change) and governance of Compliance (Risk). Extracting directors from the minutia to allow them to “hover above” the organisation, to support them in the challenge of modern governance.


About the author:

Simon Neaverson has been an advisor and consultant to boards and senior management in the public, private, government and not-for-profit sectors for over 25 years. He is the founder of GovernRight and a senior facilitator in strategy, risk and corporate governance with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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