Accredited Consultants can help you embed good governance using GovernRight's unique Governance Workshops & Platform

GovernRight has accredited some of Australia’s leading governance experts to deliver GovernRight's Governance Workshops and implement the GovernRight Platform to support their clients’ own paths to good governance.

Furthermore, sector experts are accredited to combine their extensive sector knowledge with good governance principles.

Our sector experts are trained and supported to work with clients to build the content around strategy, risk and change to deliver good governance. 

Their deep sector expertise, supported by GovernRight’s knowledge, methodologies and frameworks, provides fast deployment of an efficient, effective and relevant oversight framework and system.

GovernRight's consultants understand governance and how to make it work. They can assist with developing the key inputs into the GovernRight system or even tweaking your current strategy, risk and compliance plans and policies to implement them into GovernRight.

GovernRight Accredited Consultants support organisations to Make Governance Work

GovernRight - Industry Expertise

Our certified consultants specialise in specific industry verticals. Chances are we have an expert, with deep experience developing and helping to oversee governance plans appropriate to your industry.

Hear what various industry experts think of GovernRight in this short video:

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