Embedding Good Governance

A digitised governance framework built into a unique cloud-based, oversight platform

GovernRight is a proven Good Governance framework, developed by one of Australia's leading Governance minds, Simon Neaverson FAICD, first and foremost. This deep understanding of modern Governance led to the development of GovernRight Board Platform as a modern, web-based governance technology that focuses the board and executive on their respective roles, efficiently and effectively. Taking governance content out of the pdfs and company websites where they usual live (and die) and embedding Good Governance into the way the organisation operates. Focusing and aligning the organisation at all levels on the key elements of GrowthChange and Risk.

The Technology Sweet-Spot

GovernRight Board Platform and its entry level offering, GovernRight Board Essentials, are unique offerings in the market, providing a comprehensive governance reporting framework for those in the role of oversight such as boards of directors and governance committees.

Yes GovernRight offers a board portal and the ability to build your board pack and take meeting minutes (like so many perceived competitors), but it is so much more than that. GovernRight allows a board to define Strategy (Growth), oversee the management of Risk and prepare for Change, like no other solution available.

Reporting responsibilities on adherence to policies, the progress of projects and performance against KPIs can be cascaded down to sub-committees, branches, key functional executives and so on. Providing a common language, focus and single source of truth across the organisation. 

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It’s time saving. It’s so much quicker to put the Board papers together using GovernRight
— Michael Moore CEO Primary Health Network Central & Eastern Sydney


GovernRight Directors' Portal

For those organisations looking for a cost-effective way manage their meetings and Board pack distribution process, the GovernRight Directors' Portal offers a secure, online solution for the creation of agendas, board packs, minute taking and more.

The GovernRight Directors' Portal is a simple, easy to use solution for managing the Board, committee or management meeting process. 

Best for Those Organisations Who are looking to efficiently and effectively create and distribute a Board pack or meeting agenda

GovernRight Directors' Portal Software Includes:

  • Directors' View for online access to board packs, past minutes and governance documents

  • Manage Meetings

    • Meeting Calendar

    • Agenda Builder

    • Board Packs / Papers

    • Minute Taking

    • Motions

    • Actions Arising

GovernRight Board Essentials

For those organisations looking to streamline the administration of their meetings, the GovernRight Board Essentials offers a secure, online solution for the creation of agendas, board packs, minute taking and more.

The GovernRight Board Essentials Portal is a cost-effective board management solution to help those organisations with limited executive support.

Best for Those Organisations Who are looking to efficiently and effectively manage board and similar oversight committee meetings, with clearly aligned strategy, oversight of emerging governance and governance level risk oversight.

GovernRight Board Essentials Software Includes everything in Directors'  Portal PLUS:

  • Growth (Strategy/Mission/Purpose/Preference Set) oversight

  • Change (Emerging Governance)

  • Governance Risk

  • Positive Assurance reporting

  • …and more


GovernRight Risk Management

For those organisations not ready for a comprehensive governance and board management app, but searching for an enterprise-wide risk management platform, then GovernRight Risk Management is for you.

GovernRight Risk Management offers a seamless, online application for cascading and delegation of reporting responsibilities across an organisation.

Best for Those Organisations Who are still reliant on MS Excel and MS Word or a legacy Enterprise Risk Management system as their primary reporting tool for risk.

And especially well suited for Those Organisations Who have multi-entity / multi-branch / multi-geography, wanting an online solution for regular reporting against risk items.

GovernRight Risk Management software Includes:

  • Risk Portal with elevations to:

  • Board Portal for seamless Board paper creation & oversight

  • Multi-entity / Multi-branch

  • Risk Sub-committees

  • Positive Assurance reporting against risk policies & risk mitigation initiatives

  • Delegated (to one entity/person) and Cascaded (to multiple) reporting responsibility

  • Risk appetite definition

  • Risk matrix / heat-map plotting

  • Risk tolerance

  • Risk Categories

  • …and more

GovernRight Enterprise Platform

The complete GovernRight Enterprise Platform offers organisations a comprehensive reporting framework across the breadth of Governance, including: Growth (Strategy); Change (Emerging Governance) & Risk (Identified Risks).

The GovernRight Enterprise Platform solution suits those organisations with pre-existing governance plans or those working with GovernRight accredited consultants to develop and fine-tune their content. 

Best for Those Organisations Who have multiple branches/subsidiaries/entities, run sub-committees, want an enterprise risk management system or simply are looking for a comprehensive governance reporting solution for effective oversight.

The GovernRight Enterprise Platform includes everything in GovernRight Board Essentials PLUS:

  • Risk Portal

  • Board Portal covering Strategy oversight, Change, escalated & governance Risks

  • Multi-entity / subsidiary

  • Sub-committees

  • Positive Assurance reporting with delegated and cascaded responsibility

  • Project Delivery Oversight

  • Milestones

  • Management Meetings

  • Flexible board meeting agenda / pack builder

  • …and much more

This brief video provides an overview of the GovernRight Platform solution.

GovernRight is a Governance and Reporting Framework to embed good governance

In today’s complex economic and regulatory world, directors should be active in overseeing organisational performance and compliance. GovernRight is founded on the core truth that focused and effective oversight is central to good governance.

GovernRight is designed to embed good governance by focusing and assisting the Board with its key role to oversee Growth, Change and Risk. It provides for the Board’s effective oversight of resource allocation and use, in order to deliver outcomes that are aligned with organisational strategic intent.

As an easy-to-use, web-based solution, GovernRight’s information is available anywhere, anytime, on any-device. Access to GovernRight is fully permission controlled. 

The GovernRight technical team is committed to delivering timely updates and ensuring the system uses the latest  technology and security platforms.

GovernRight - Make Governance Work™

GovernRight is a web-based solution supported by best practice methodologies

  • Strategic oversight

  • Governance of change

  • Risk oversight

  • Board and committee reporting

  • Agenda and board back creation

  • Minutes

Access to GovernRight is fully permission controlled.



GovernRight provides users with a simple easy to use menu based interface.


Users can easily see at a glance what the status of Current Controls and Key Strategies are as well as performance against Key Performance Measures for each Strategic Governance item.


For those key identified risks the Board needs to monitor, users can easily see how the Risk is being managed and whether the Board needs to allocate additional resources to its management.


Management can use GovernRight to manage the implementation of agreed actions by establishing milestones and allocating responsibility for key actions. Reporting can be filtered by Strategic Item, person responsible or date, providing flexibility.


GovernRight includes a Board Reporting Module enabling management to prepare specific reports addressing the agreed Strategic and Risk items.