GovernRight Board Software Key Features

  • Strategic oversight

  • Governance of change

  • Risk oversight

  • Board and committee reporting

  • Agenda and board back creation

  • Minutes

Access to GovernRight is fully permission controlled.



GovernRight provides users with a simple easy to use menu based interface.


Users can easily see at a glance what the status of Current Controls and Key Strategies are as well as performance against Key Performance Measures for each Strategic Governance item.


For those key identified risks the Board needs to monitor, users can easily see how the Risk is being managed and whether the Board needs to allocate additional resources to its management.


Management can use GovernRight to manage the implementation of agreed actions by establishing milestones and allocating responsibility for key actions. Reporting can be filtered by Strategic Item, person responsible or date, providing flexibility.


GovernRight includes a Board Reporting Module enabling management to prepare specific reports addressing the agreed Strategic and Risk items.