GovernRight Board Software Modules


GovernRight Directors' Portal

For those organisations looking for a cost-effective way manage their meetings and Board pack distribution process, the GovernRight Directors' Portal offers a secure, online solution for the creation of agendas, board packs, minute taking and more.

The GovernRight Directors' Portal is a simple, easy to use solution for managing the Board, committee or management meeting process. 

Best for Those Organisations Who are looking to efficiently and effectively create and distribute a Board pack or meeting agenda

GovernRight Directors' Portal Software Includes:

  • Directors' View for online access to board packs, past minutes and governance documents

  • Manage Meetings

    • Meeting Calendar

    • Agenda Builder

    • Board Packs / Papers

    • Minute Taking

    • Motions

    • Actions Arising


GovernRight Risk Management

For those organisations not ready for a comprehensive governance and board management app, but searching for an enterprise-wide risk management platform, then GovernRight Risk Management is for you.

GovernRight Risk Management offers a seamless, online application for cascading and delegation of reporting responsibilities across an organisation.

Best for Those Organisations Who are still reliant on MS Excel and MS Word or a legacy Enterprise Risk Management system as their primary reporting tool for risk.

And especially well suited for Those Organisations Who have multi-entity / multi-branch / multi-geography, wanting an online solution for regular reporting against risk items.

GovernRight Risk Management software Includes:

  • Risk Portal with elevations to Board Portal for seamless Board paper creation & oversight

  • Multi-entity / Multi-branch

  • Risk Sub-committees

  • Positive Assurance reporting against risk policies & risk mitigation initiatives

  • Delegated (to one entity/person) and Cascaded (to multiple) reporting responsibility

  • Risk appetite definition

  • Risk matrix / heat-map plotting

  • Risk tolerance

  • Risk Categories

  • …and more

GovernRight Enterprise Platform

The complete GovernRight Enterprise Platform offers organisations a comprehensive reporting framework across the breadth of Governance, including: Growth (Strategy); Change (Emerging Governance) & Risk (Identified Risks).

The GovernRight Enterprise Platform solution suits those organisations with pre-existing governance plans or those working with GovernRight accredited consultants to develop and fine-tune their content. 

Best for Those Organisations Who have multiple branches/subsidiaries/entities, run sub-committees, want an enterprise risk management system or simply are looking for a comprehensive governance reporting solution for effective oversight.

The GovernRight Enterprise Platform includes everything in GovernRight Board Essentials PLUS:

  • Risk Portal

  • Board Portal covering Strategy oversight, Change, escalated & governance Risks

  • Multi-entity / subsidiary

  • Sub-committees

  • Positive Assurance reporting with delegated and cascaded responsibility

  • Project Delivery Oversight

  • Milestones

  • Management Meetings

  • Flexible board meeting agenda / pack builder

  • …and much more


GovernRight includes a Board Reporting Module enabling management to prepare specific reports addressing the agreed Strategic and Risk items.