Associations and other Member-Based Organisations

The solution to help executives & boards to oversee the delivery of strategy & management of risk.

Governance is often seen as an onerous compliance burden for many member-based organisations, most of which are typified by small executive teams and unique operational challenges.

GovernRight delivers efficient board pack creation, actions arising, minute taking and management/oversight reporting.

Allows time poor directors to clearly (and quickly) see the key governance issues. Provides comfort that today and tomorrow is under control, so the Board/Committee can focus on next month and next year. GovernRight also helps experienced executives with their challenge of inexperienced boards - by helping to focus the discussions where they should, not where they currently do.

GovernRight has been very effective at highlighting risk and risk management for the USU, which was one of our key objectives. It also provides us with a very effective management tool. GovernRight is now an essential part of our corporate governance
— Andrew Woodward, CEO University of Sydney Union